Some beaches are polluted

Where there are people, there are bathrooms. We live on a pile of sand. What goes in the toilet eventually goes in the water.

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Summer population density may be too high

The number of residents and visitors is greater than 100,000 in the summer. With only 100 square miles, we are more densely populated than India.

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More crowded than ever

More people arrive every year. Water quality at the beaches is deteriorating. Drinking water is suffering too. What will it take to end this sad slide in the quality of our lives? Scroll down to learn how.

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Change is inevitable. Polluted environment is not.

More tourism may not be the answer to the Vineyard's problems. Tourist's money will help pay for sewage treatment and other improvements. But tourism brings more pollution. Where is the balance?

We need enlightened leaders who can see that we are changing the island beyond recognition. The charming aspects of island life are lost.

A bad example happened recently in Chilmark. A resident was fighting against new bridge construction. The MV Times reported that he was called a "Clown" by one of the selectmen. Really? Let's see what the clown has to say.